new member frequently asked questions


New Member FAQs

What is the process to join a local chapter?

Please visit to learn about the local chapters. 

Potential members must register using THIS LINK

Please choose the city you are interested in joining. 

If your city is not listed on the check out page, but it is listed as a chapter on our website, this means the city is no longer accepting applications. 

If you would like to be considered for the waiting list, send an email to the chapter president for consideration. Membership opens up on the annual basis. 

Potential members must complete the questions, agree to the membership terms and make the payment. 


You will receive a receipt of your payment and a welcome email from our Founder with new member communications. 


Can I join two chapters? 

No, You cannot join two Chapters. Please only sign up for one Chapter. The Chapters are designed to serve as a “small group” so that you can build real connections and receive accountability. 

How often do the chapters meet?

Each chapter meets once a month, in-person. Members will also be able to join virtual events that take place several times a year. 

How soon will I be able to connect with my chapter after I register?

You can connect with all chapter members and leaders right away in our private online community! You will receive access immediately via email. Please log into your portal and join the conversation! Please log onto your portal ASAP in order to not miss anything.

How will my chapter president communicate with me? 

Your chapter president will communicate with you through our private online community board, email and through text. 

Please allow time (at least 4 business days) for us to respond to your membership or chapter related questions. We know you may have a number of questions, but unfortunately, we cannot get to them right away.

Who do members reach out to with questions/concerns/ tech help?

Please send member inquiries to

Please allow time (at least 4 business days) for us to respond to your membership or chapter related questions. We know you may have a number of questions, but unfortunately, we cannot get to them right away.

When is the next new member enrollment?

Chapter enrollment is open now for 2023. The next Chapter meeting will be in January 2023.

When is the next Interested Member call?

Our interested members calls are on the second Monday of the month at 8pm CST.

Details and registration can be found in our Facebook Community Events Page

We look forward to having you in 2023!

What are the member dues applied to?

Like with most memberships, there are dues required. This guarantees members have access to the Chapter, the Chapter community and its benefits. Payment of dues ensure that members remain active. Chapter member benefits include access to exclusive in person and online events, discounts, networking, our online community, and our investment resources. 

Membership dues also go toward organizational processes, technology, development, and maintenance. Special guests, initiatives, etc. are also covered with member fees. When you sign up for our membership, you are agreeing to this arrangement.

What are the perks of membership?

-Free Webinars

-Volunteer opportunities

-Networking opportunities

– Access to private events

-Professional development opportunities

-Find your local tribe of like- minded women. 

-Private events only available for BWIC members 

What Chapters do you currently have?

Click on our Chapters Homepage to see all of the chapters listed. 

What if my city is not listed?

If your city is not listed on the dropdown menu at check out, it either means that the Chapter is no longer accepting new members, or a Chapter does not exist in your city at this time. 

A Chapter may not be accepting new members because they have reached Chapter capacity. 

How do I start a Chapter in my city?

If you are interested in taking on the role of Chapter President,  please apply on The link to apply is at the bottom of our Chapters page.  If we are interested in moving forward, you will be contacted by a member of our team. This is a paid position. 

When will closed Chapters be open?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer exact dates that closed Chapters will open for new members. Chapter availability is based on Chapter capacity. Chapters that are open and accepting new members will be on the list or will be announced each new membership cycle; in December. 

Can I join a nearby Chapter if there isn’t a Chapter in my city?

Yes, you can. 

If I am a member, and decide to move, can I switch Chapters?

Yes. Once a member, always a member, no matter where you are. Transfer requests can be put in at any time, but will only take effect quarterly. Exceptions will be made for unique/extreme circumstances. You will need to send a request to to be transferred. 

Is there an age minimum/maximum?

The BWIC age minimum is 18 years old. However, we do not have an age maximum. 

What is the refund policy?

Please visit our terms of membership page for complete details.

We want to post an ad to your website/Instagram page. How do we do that?

Please send us an email at for more info!!

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