Becoming Permanently Profitable

With Relay and Profit First

Business ownership is hard enough, why should making a profit be? 
Get Cash Flow Clarity In Your Business

Thursday, May 30th at 7PM EST – 8:30PM EST


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Imagine your business had its best month ever— all your properties are cash flowing and booked up. Perfect time to splurge on that big vacation you’ve been dreaming about, right? But the ink is barely dry on the check when one of your properties needs a significant repair, a tenant misses a rent payment, and a hefty tax bill lands in your lap. And that’s when it dawns on you: business is booming, but you’re strapped for cash.

Sound familiar? It’s a common scenario for many small business owners who follow the typical money management approach of using income to cover expenses, and taking what’s left over as profit. But when the typical approach leaves you in a perpetual state of check-to-check survival, you know something is broken. 😱 Thankfully, there’s a better way—The Profit First Method, 💰a simple approach to money management that can get you off the bank balance roller coaster once and for all.


Learn how to prioritize your profits!
Whether you're a real estate investor, entrepreneur, or soon-to-be- entrepreneur,
this training is for you!

Here's What We'll Cover:

✅ How to get cash flow clarity with Profit First

✅ Why Profit First works for real estate investors 

✅ How to implement Profit First with Relay in 3 simple steps

✅ Special Profit First book giveaway

✅ Live Q&A

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    Your Trainers:

    Christanne Wright, Owner of Your Wright Resource 

    Christanne is the owner of Your Wright Resource, a professional financial services firm that helps small businesses get their finances right.

    As an experienced financial management provider, she has over 25 years of experience working with individuals, families and business owners. She is a real estate expert EA who has a magnitude of experience helping real estate investors, IT service providers, coaches and media producers minimize their tax bills every year.

    Ziwei Chen, Product Specialist, Relay

    Ziwei is a product specialist at Relay, the business banking and money management platform that puts small businesses in complete control of their cash flow.

    Schelo D. Collier

    Schelo is the CEO & founder of Black Women Invest and money expert. She has led thousands of women learn how to create wealth through investing, strategic planning and through business building. 

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