Welcome to the Miami Chapter

Rachel Dufresne

Rachel Dufresne is a social worker by education and real estate professional by trade. Having been in a counselor/advisor role in the educational system for 10 plus years, she knows all about what it means to create a safe place that would foster learning.
Just like most, Rachel has gone through a financial journey of learning about stocks, forex, life insurance, real estate and overall financial literacy,  giving her just enough experience to be an exceptional chapter leader.
Rachel believes that every woman should have multiple streams of income – and not just have all their eggs in one basket. She is encouraged and inspired by the many women in BWI who are looking to make a financial change in their lives and next generation. 

“Generational wealth is about leaving a legacy behind and it starts with one risk taker.”

Rachel is looking forward to being the pioneer for the Miami Chapter and helping women take the leap into financial freedom.


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