Inland Empire Chapter

Samonae Carter

Meet Samonae (Suh-Maw-Nay) or Sam. Serial entrepreneur and pilot.

“I create/manage short term rentals with master leases (rental arbitrage). I see short term rentals and mid-term rentals as a great way to connect communities and generate great capital for larger projects. In the past, I have managed airports, a flight training school and a few businesses in Southern California.
Passions of mine are entrepreneurship, real estate investing and aviation. I am always excited to learn more, build more valuable connections that share interests and help others accomplish their goals.
My long-term investment goals are to purchase and/or build mixed use apartments prioritizing affordable/walkable living, establish large facilities that create safe supportive housing for foster youth, resorts to provide the ultimate vacation experiences and an airpark to create aviation communities in the future. To me, thinking big is the only way to maximize our individual capacity and life fulfillment. 
“It is a great joy to represent BWI in our online meetings and Inland Empire, and help others in their investment journey as I continue my own. I am excited to learn and grow together!”
The Inland Empire Chapter currently meets in Riverside, CA


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