You don’t have to be a millionaire to invest

Begin your stock and real estate portfolio — without Googling



Black Women: You CAN be a powerful investor!

The market no longer belongs to the big players with big budgets. The costs to enter the playing field have been reduced to just a few bucks worth of coffee a month.

All the ‘gurus’ in the stock market make building a diversified portfolio seem like rocket science.

But with the right tools and knowledge, building an investment portfolio that outperforms the market is possible. And you don’t need a generational blueprint passed down from birth, either.

It’s simpler than they’d have you believe to build a diverse investment portfolio.

We don’t use complex language here. Or leave you alone with confusing self-serving investing platforms. We just use our expert insights to grow your portfolio sustainably.

That’s why Black Women Invest Academy was created

If you’ve ever felt that …

Then Black Women Invest Academy is the resource for you to break through all these feelings.

But first, you have to believe it.

When you join the Black Women Invest Academy, you’ll not only get access to the courses you need to stop Googling the (probable) answers to your questions; you’ll get the support and real talk about investing from people who are right there with you

… and the guidance from people who have done it already and here to help you win.

Black Women Invest Academy

BWI is the simple, no-BS, straightforward program for Black women who want to...

Master the stock market and build a real estate portfolio that sets them up for generational wealth.

Rooted in hours of foundational coursework on:

You’ll get the fundamentals you need to create your portfolio plan.

And you don’t need thousands of dollars set aside to get started. 

Let the Black Women Invest Academy show you how.

This is for you if...

Black Women Invest Academy is here to help you build your legacy

Create the lifestyle you want using real estate and the stock market. 

In this program you’ll learn everything you need to begin investing. 

From creating your own investment account, to planning for retirement, to searching for your next investment property –  this foundational class teaches you how to make your hard earned money work for you.

Here’s what you get when you join Black Women Invest Academy

Investing feels complicated enough, so I’m on a mission to simplify.


Community and Accountability

Real Estate for Real People

Support and Tools

Take a look

...inside the Black Women Invest Academy!

...inside the Black Women Invest Academy!


Goal Setting

In this detailed module, I review the goal setting strategies that help new investors create solid, attainable plans for their financial futures

Understand exactly what it takes to reach your investment goals and learn your Financial Independence number.


Developing the right mindset

Investing can be challenging if you don’t develop the right mindset and discipline. In this module I help you overcome the mental barriers that may arise in your journey.

You will create systems and routines that will help you excel and remain consistent


All about Investment Accounts

In this module you will learn all about the different investment accounts available and which ones are best for your unique situation.

Learn how to pick the right retirement account for you and how to open up accounts for your children.


Value Investing Stocks

Learn how to spot a good stock like a pro! In this module I teach you strategies the ultra- wealthy follow to select long term companies to invest in.

I also share my investment checklist to help you keep track of it all!


Index Fund Investing

S&P 500? Dow Jones? Have you heard these terms being tossed around before?

By the end of this module you will understand them all! You will understand how index funds work and how to use these to build a diverse investment portfolio!


Real Estate Investing for Real People

Real estate is the number one wealth builder in the world! And sis, you need this in your portfolio! I review the multiple ways you can become a real estate investor at any financial stage you’re in.

In this module you will learn how to do market research to select the best areas for you to invest in, how to write a contract & how to properly analyze a deal!


Vacation Rental Business from scratch

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a successful vacation rental business that you can confidently make a consistent monthly income from? In this module I review EVERYTHING I learned since becoming a vacation rental investor. I review the do’s and don’ts  of running this business. -  AND how I managed to make an income from my Airbnbs - without owning any of them!

Module 7

Vacation Rental Business from scratch

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a successful vacation rental business that you can confidently make a consistent monthly income from? In this module I review EVERYTHING I learned since becoming a vacation rental investor. I review the do’s and don’ts  of running this business. –  AND how I managed to make an income from my Airbnbs – without owning any of them!

Plus these bonuses...

Yes, I need this!

Black Women
Invest Academy


Black Women Invest Academy Flex Plan

$500 / m

Real Students, Real Results

What women are saying:



“I used to think investing was like gambling until I got educated”

Prior to working together, Jen, wife and mom of 2 little ones, thought investing was just like gambling. She was afraid to put her money into the stock market out of fear of losing it all.

She knew she needed handholding and accountability to push her to finally invest.

After getting the coaching she needed, she is now investing for herself and her children and hopes to use her investments to retire early.

Jeniffer R, Doula, Mom



“I learned how to change my mindset and build a new relationship with money”

Makisha, Brand Strategist, was raised believing that the way to financial stability was through saving. However, she knew she didn’t just want stability, she wanted financial freedom.

After taking the Black Women Invest Academy She created a retirement plan for herself, and started investing. She is now in the process of buying her first home.

She now invests consistently and confidently in the stock market.

She believes her biggest gain from joining the Academy is her new and improved relationship with money.

Makisha N, Brand Strategist



Her first 7 months were booked for her very first Airbnb!

After taking the Black Women Invest Academy, Sainte, CPA, learned how to make an extra income from her property. She decided to turn part of her house into an investment opportunity and maximized her earning potential!

She joined our group coaching sessions and received the encouragement needed to start a vacation rental business.

Sainte JB, CPA



Sis is on the road to financial independence!

Stephanie, Teacher, is so happy she joined the academy! She found tremendous value in understanding what financial independence really looks like and building new relationships with the women in the academy.

She has now established her own financial portfolio and created a retirement plan

Stephanie M., 1st grade Teacher

Hey, Queen!

I’m Schelo Doirin

and I’m here to make an investor out of you

I built my real estate portfolio with an Air-B-N-B  property I didn’t even own.

(More on the specifics of how I managed to do that are in the program).

Even though I have years of professional experience managing millions of dollars in real estate investments, when I started my personal investment journey, I realized that it was difficult to find “No Fluff” courses that taught me what I wanted to know about building my stock portfolio and getting retirement-ready.

And I knew that if I, someone with professional experience, struggled … the average woman likely would too. – Especially for Black women who aren’t usually taught this information around kitchen tables as others may experience. 

“I didn’t want to just limit myself to stock investing, but I wanted to become a stronger real estate Investor, too. “This desire to find it all in one place led me to start the Black Women Invest Academy.

I want to teach you how you can start investing and keep investing — whether it’s with stocks or index funds or real estate or all three.

I want to teach you how you can make long-term, legacy-changing investments even if you don’t have tens or hundreds of thousands to throw around on Wall Street.

I share exactly what I did to start investing with very little money in the Black Women Invest Academy. You’ll learn the tips and tricks that help me remain successful and consistent. 

I am excited to share with you!

Real Woman, Real Results

Frequently Asked Questions

The BWI Academy is different because not only will you learn about investing in the stock market, but you will also learn about real estate investing.  I found it important to bring both strategies into play to help women build wealth as quickly as possible. 

In addition, I don’t leave you high and dry! You will have the chance to work with an accountability partner and join in our monthly group coaching calls to ensure you’re on the right track!

Feel free to join us for the live group sessions or dive into the private community for feedback!

No one can guarantee success in the stock market. However, this program gives you the education you need to preempt challenges and gives you the info you need to be agile when investing in the stock market.

Investing is not only for the rich! Don’t feel intimidated by where you are starting. 

In this program I show you how you can comfortably invest in the stock market with as little as $10!

The course consists of 6 modules + the Bonus Vacation Rental Module + the replays of the live recordings. Each module comes with wealth- building assignments to complete.

 The entire program is completely self paced and you can rewatch the videos as many times as you’d like.  Typically the program takes students between 4- 6 weeks to finish. But I’ve seen students finish in as little as 2 weeks! 

You have 1 full year to access the videos inside the course and a lifetime access to our private Facebook group to connect with other women investors

The investment strategies I teach are transferable to other countries. However, every country’s market is different and every country may have different investment accounts available for you to use.

I teach the stock portion of the class through an American- based platform. And I teach the real estate portion using different local U.S real estate markets.

It is absolutely not too late! In fact, many of my students are over 40 years old, and my oldest student joined in her 70s! 

The good thing about investing in real estate or in stocks is that the market doesn’t discriminate against age, race, or gender!  There is no limit to the type of lifestyle you can create from learning and applying these strategies.

No problem! Just send me an email at and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours! 

Yes, I need this!

Black Women
Invest Academy

Pay in Full


Black Women Invest Academy Flex Plan

$500/ m

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